Saturday, December 11, 2010

Performing Male Enhancement Exercises

The best way to make your penis bigger and thicker is by doing male enhancement exercises. This includes activities like the Jelqing exercise and the warm-up exercise. If done regularly, these natural penis enlargement exercises can show their results after only a few months. Unlike pharmaceuticals, these exercises actually train the body to direct additional blood flow towards the penis naturally, which will evidently lead to a larger penis size.

How exactly do these exercises work?

Fundamentally, your erection is limited by your penis’ ability to store blood. Your full length upon erection is dependent on how much blood your penis can hold. During erection, the blood going into the penis flows into 2 large chambers inside the penis called Corpora cavernosa, which are mostly built up of spongy tissues responsible for soaking up the blood and hardening the penis. Male enhancement exercises essentially train these tissues to be able to gather and retain more blood inside the chamber, and the more blood the chamber can hold, the larger your penis gets.

Techniques used in Natural Male Enhancement Exercises

The most common technique in male enhancement exercises routines is called Jelqing. It is done deliberately through a light and rhythmic pulling movement on the penis. This repeated motion stimulates the spongy tissues in the penis and if done regularly, will enhance your penis’ capability to fill up with more blood.
To practice Jelqing and any other penis enlargement exercise, begin with prompt 10 – 20 minute sessions and familiarize yourself with the motions. When you feel like you’ve pretty much gotten used to doing it, work out daily for 20 – 40 minutes.
While Jelqing focuses on the Corpora cavernosa, there are other penis enlargement techniques that focus on other essential parts of the reproductive area. Most of them often zone in on toning the Pubococcygeus or the PC muscle, always keeping it in shape in order to improve ejaculation and orgasms.

Male Enhancement Exercises versus other Methods

When put beside artificial methods for penis enlargement like pumps and weights, natural penis exercises is proven to be the most effective. While weights can surely help improve your penis’ length, it does nothing for the thickness. Exercises can improve both. Penis enlargement pumps on the other hand, have instantaneous effects, but only for a little while. They also put you under the risk for scarring, swelling, and dependence. Exercises don’t put you at risk and can lead to permanent effects, which is why doing natural male enhancement exercises is the only way to go for a pain-free penis enhancement.